Children’s Music Minister


Vicki Schmidt

VICKI SCHMIDT  |  Worship Pastor for Children





Vicki joined the staff of First Baptist Church in May 2004, but she has been a member of the church since 1990.  Her overall vision for the Children’s Music Ministry is to provide a fun, loving, safe environment for children to develop a love for music, learn to worship through music at an early age and learn spiritual truths through music.




She graduated from Oklahoma Baptist University with a degree in accounting in 1989, when she moved to Dallas to work in public accounting.  Although her education is in business, she has been involved in church music all of her life.  She participated in children’s choir and youth choir and then went on to sing in the Bisonette Glee Club at Oklahoma Baptist University.  She was president of the Bisonettes her senior year.  As a summer job in college, she also served as the music director at the state GA Camp in Davis, Okla.



She joined First Baptist Church in 1990 where she met her husband Jon in the Singles Department.  After the birth of their first child in 1995, Vicki quit working full-time to become a stay-at-home mom.  In 1998, she began volunteering in the Children’s Music Ministry as the director of one of our preschool choirs.  During her six years as a preschool choir director, she attended numerous children’s choir training conferences and was mentored by two previous children’s music ministers.  She was thrilled to accept the position of children’s music minister in May 2004.  She and Jon now have three children – Brian, Kristen and Gina.