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Here is our last update for the blog before we head into an area of no internet service.

Hello All!!

Only a week left here in the beautiful country of Kenya. The past couple days have been spent in rest. Everything from washing muddy clothes from brick making to going to local open air markets to bargain our way to some great souvenirs. On Friday we even had time to visit a women's refuge working center. It was a originally a prayer group of about 15 women mainly from Rwanda, and they have now moved onto sewing purses to support themselves. We got to share stories and tea with them, and really had a wonderful time seeing the organization that ALARM is associated with.  The three of us have now had time to reflect on the past six weeks and have really been able to see the many ways God has been working through us. Tonight, as many of you know, the new team of Carlos, Bobby, Amber, and Lindsay arrive! We will be heading to the airport around nine to pick up the extremely tired and excited group. This coming week we will not have internet service, so we will have a few things we wish you to pray for us.

First, team unity. That we will be able to mesh together in a way that works best for the Lord. Second, pray for the new team to be able to embrace the extremely different culture we will be working with. While the three of us have had six weeks, only one is very little time to adjust. Third, pray for the energy of Sam, Laura, and I. After much time here we are getting exhausted and a bit homesick. Finally pray for the conference we are facilitating. That God will speak through us, past language and cultural barriers, so that we may say what the Maasai youth need to hear. The entire ALARM and American team will be heading to Illmamen tomorrow and the conference is on Monday through Friday. Thank you so much for you prolonged support, your prayers mean the world to us. We miss you all and will be home in just over a week.

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