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Sorry for the delayed blogs, things have been busy! Today we held a youth leadership conference in a slum region of Kenya about an hour outside of Nairobi. I don't know how to begin to describe the emotions I felt as we experienced the ways of life for the people there.  There was trash everywhere, and their sources of shelter consisted of sheets of tin tied to pieces of wood. I feel like those were the lucky ones too. For the first time in my life I was completely speechless. The children immediately ran up to us and repeated the question "hello, how are you?" I am pretty sure they didn't understand the meaning because they didn't wait for a response. In that moment I felt a little guilty for having the lifestyle that I am so privileged to have. I looked down and saw the children's feet were muddy and covered with blisters from walking around barefoot probably their whole life. 

It was just a complete culture shock that I was not prepared for. We went into the church to find a good thirty Ngomongo youth waiting on us. So far our trainings have been for youth leaders in the church. 

Therefore, when we learned that half of the youth waiting on us were non-Christians we changed up our lessons to fit their needs. I started by discussing a Bible sharing from 1 Timothy. Sam proceeded to talk about Christian discipline and then we finished the day by an economic empowerment session. Overall I feel like our conference was a success. 

The youth were interactive and asked good questions. I could tell they were really paying attention to what we had to say. Days like today make our whole trip worth while. After our sessions we had a short time of fellowship and exchanged contact information. Then we said a prayer and headed back to Nairobi. I want to ask that we pray for these wonderful people as they face unthinkable challenges financially, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

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