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I am not quite sure where to begin, so I will start with what God has been teaching me.  Today we had our first day of our two day seminar with the Youth Leaders in Bomet.  Our audience was not the expected youth leaders but mostly church officials’ children educators and some youth leaders. They interpreted youth leaders as officials over the youth not actual leaders within the youth group.  As we went on with our lessons we had to adjust our teaching methods to accommodate the older non youth audience. The topic I facilitated was on Christian Leadership and The Role of Youth in the Church.  My first session was very interesting because I was teaching Christian leadership to Christian leaders. After I finished my session I began to be convicted by the spirit. I found that I did not even do half the things I was teaching.  The leaders we were teaching were telling me of how much they learned and how much they appreciated me coming and challenging them. 

I felt like a fraud, like a liar not only to them but to God and myself.  I was shocked at first. I mean, how could I have come all this way to lie to people? My heart was burdened and I was frustrated with myself.  I really believed that I was on the right path, In my mind I had all the boxes checked. I was truly humbled and humiliated. It is funny how the roles were reversed. I, the teacher, became the student.  I know now what it means to practice what you preach. I am glad I had my team here for support and if it were not for them I would still be in the depths of my sorrow. I am so thankful that God is merciful and faithful to us even thought we try and do things on our own.  We had a great first day and we looked forward to the next day. 

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