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Today we have the opportunity to spend time with the youth of Emanuel African Gospel Church. We started the day by having a picnic with about twenty-five youth ranging from ages twelve to twenty. They were so friendly and polite we felt welcomed from the start. We played games, danced, and simply enjoyed having a time of fellowship with each other. When it came to eat, monkeys started popping up everywhere! I was so excited at first because it was my first encounter with a wild monkey. I couldn?t understand why the locals shooed them away. I quickly learned the answer to that when I was alone getting something out of our van. I turned around to find three fairly large monkeys charging for my food! I wasn?t sure what to do because monkeys can tell your gender and are not afraid of girls- for some reason. So my solution was to scream and wait for someone to come help. The youth got a good laugh out of that. While eating we had the chance to discuss the role of the youth in the church. The students were lively and eager to listen. We had so much fun spending time with these precious people. Unfortunately it started to rain on us, so we had to leave around two. Not too long later we met back up at the church to get to spend time with the young professionals. They were having a retreat so we got to spend the rest of the day with about thirty students about our ages. It was so much fun playing games and getting to know them. We ate dinner there and had the opportunity to talk about the future. Once again, the students were friendly and 

listened to everything we had to say. Overall it was an awesome day!  

We loved getting to have a time of fellowship with the local youth. I know I learned so much from them so I pray that they learned from us as well. I also want to pray that God will be with them in everything that the future holds.

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