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Today was a day with the school we love going to so much! This is the first day Carol and Rose, two women who work for ALARM, were with us.

The office heard Laura and I's cry for women and so here they are until Sunday!! First we headed to a Primary School about 20 minutes outside of town. Even as we drove in the car the kids saw our white faces and began to chase after the car as to greet us once we exited the van. Once we appeared laughter spread like wild fire, and those children far away began running towards us. As to not get trampled we immediately headed into the principles office to sign the visitors book. First we were introduced to the entire school, nursery through 8th, giving our names and why we were there. Next, due to a secondary school that we were not expecting to visit, our team split into two.

Laura, Sam, Jonah, and Carol on one team, and Erick, Philemon, Rose, and I on the other. Then we split the 800 students into nursery through 3rd, and 4th through 8th. From there we left to go to the Secondary School newly created by the Primary school. Because it is just starting it currently only has two grades… and we gave quick speeches…and then were prepared lunch. Our speeches are pretty well rehearsed, and while we switch our method around sometime…the general concepts are the same. Next we headed on to the Secondary School we were meant to visit, which happened to be a boys boarding school with around 950 boys.  As they were gathering in the field outside we went into the deputies office for a quick introduction of the program we intended to offer. When we walked outside once more, the boys were all together, and ALL eyes were on us. After we all talked to the entire

school- encouraging them to make good grades, work hard, live for the lord, among some of the few…we had an invitation. Almost every single one of those boys stood to accept Christ- because of that we know they all might not have been sincere, but might have stood because the people giving the message or because their friends were. God knows though and that is what matters. Afterward we headed back into the office to do a peer mediation follow up with the 10 students that consisted of the peer mediation group.  Finally around 630 we headed back home. It was a great day and we are sad to know that we will only have one more school to attend tomorrow!

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