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We woke up in our tents to the bright sunshine that had come up around 4 a.m. as well as the ‘bah’ of the lambs. We then met with all the Latvian leaders and were all assigned tasks that needed to be completed before the campers arrived. Finally they arrived and we helped them pitch their tents that they had brought to sleep in. We ate lunch and talked with the campers. Afterwards we found out who was in our small groups.  So we got together with them and came up with our team name, made a team chant, and built a mascot out of what we could find in the forest that we would carry around with us. After presenting all of that to the rest of the teams, the games began. We played a series of different relay races to begin earning points for our teams. At worship that night the Music Performance Team/ MPT  (consisting of Dib, Tori, Valters, Jay, David, and Nick) performed the YHWH dance, meaning Yahweh, which is a more religious take on YMCA.  After worship we had our discussions in our small groups where we talked about what had been discussed in the sermon. Next we played the “something else” game of the night which was a counselor hunt through the woods. Many of the American leaders got to be the ones who hid in the woods or other places on the territory. Of course you have to remember that to play night games in Latvia you have to start late since it is light til about 11.

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