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We worked on the drama that the Americans would be showing one night during worship at camp. We then packed and began loading up for camp. We got to the camp site and it was absolutely beautiful. Everything was green and just flat out beautiful. The aroma of nature and sheep filled the air. We knew we were to be sleeping in tents, but what we didn’t know was that we had to pitch our own. We paired up and began the long process of trying to set up where each of us would sleep. Pretty much everyone was skeptical at first except JT who ended up just sleeping outside the first night. Supposedly the bugs weren’t as bad as they had been, but they were everywhere. Some of us did the ropes course that they had and It included a zip line with super safety man, Josh at the helm. After dinner we all spent time togther by jumping in and out of the sauna and lake. It was awesome. Afterwards we sat by the campfire, talking and singing with some of our new Latvian friends. At the meeting that night we found out who each of us were assigned to be with as the leaders. All in all it was a really good day, we went to bed excited and nervous for the campers to arrive the next day. Hit read more to see pictures.

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