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Hello loved ones! After a long drive, we have made it safely to Bucharest. We arrived at our hotel around 7pm, dropped off our bags, and then went to a mall for a little souvenir shopping.  We had a lovely dinner there and then came back to our hotel to settle down for bed. Our flight leaves Bucharest around 8:30am (Bucharest time), so we have an early morning ahead of us. It is hard to believe that our trip has come to an end. It has been such an amazing trip! Reports are coming in that our team's visit to the churches have been like fresh air breathed in to them! We may have been the instruments, but this was only made possible because of God. And of course, we could not have done this without your prayers! So thank you so much for your prayers and support. I cannot express enough how necessary they were!


We love you all very much, and we look forward to seeing everybody soon. We will be having a reflection service before too long, so be on the look out for that announcement at church. We will be posting this on the blog as well. Finally, at some point we will be compiling all of our photos and video clips to make a nice presentation, so we will keep you updated on that! Again, thank you so much for all you have done for us. We love you guys!


Prayer Requests:

1. That we would have a safe flight back to Dallas

2. That we would get rested up and readjusted to Dallas time.

3. That God would guide us as we process our thoughts and formulate our message to bring back to FBCR.

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