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Hello everyone! Sorry we did not post yesterday evening, it was an interesting day! Let me explain.


We were just about to head for Drobeta-Turnu Severin in the morning when one of the vans broke down before we even left Sighisoara. A mechanic came out and determined that the van would need at least a day or two to be repaired. This process took several hours, and we finally came up with the solution of taking the other van and Sabin's car. However, we were still not able to leave for another couple of hours as the trailer carrying our luggage was not signaling properly. After this was all fixed, we finally were able to begin the 8 hour drive for Drobeta-Turnu Severin around 5pm.


We finally made it to Drobeta-Turnu Severin around 1am and found our hotel. We were sad to learn along the way that Sam (our 11th team member who was stuck in Africa) was denied a transfer visa by the U.K. So it turns out that Sam will not be able to join us after all. He will be flying home to the States soon, but he is in good spirits.


This past day has been quite tricky, but we are all in good spirits knowing that God is in control. And on a positivie note, the part of the drive yesterday that was in daylight was very beautiful! And we even got to eat dinner at a KFC! This was definitely a fun treat!


Prayer Requests

1. That we would recover from the long drive and shorter night of sleep.

2. That God would continue to lift our spirits despite the trickier day, yesterday.

3. That we trust God in this new portion of our trip.

4. That we would be a witness of Christ's love.


We love you guys!

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