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Day two of our VBS' found us in two more Roma villages.  We began our day in Saes with a modest group of 28 children that quickly became over 65 children in no time!  This afternoon we traveled to Laslea where the children were waiting and we served about 40.


Today Ryan shared the bible story with the kids and the day proceeded much the same way it did yesterday.  Men and women of the church at Saes had tea, coffee and biscuits for us and shared their kitchen table as a place to prepare the sandwiches for the children.  You have no idea how nice it was to use a cutting board & real sharp knife as we prepared what seemed to be an endless number of little salami sandwiches. 


Today we were joined by Rebecca and Vicky from First Baptist Garland who are here in Sighisoara for 6 weeks this summer.  Together with Liz, we made quick work of the sandwich prep and by the time the crafts and games were over we had plates of little salami sandwiches ready for the kids.  It is amazing to think that this simple sandwich is the only meal these little ones may have had today!  


In the past two days we have made our little salami sandwiches for approximately 250 children.  In each location we were able to leave what was left to feed others in the village. The simplicity of love found in 28 loaves of bread, 12 tubs of margarine, 30 sticks of salami and many jugs of water!! On behalf of the entire team we have been blessed to be with these children and to share what we had with them no matter how simple.  The pictures below tell the story!


After a great day, and an adventure to the store to get supplies to replicate the delicious Romanian limonade, we enjoyed an authentic Romanian meal. Just ask Randi, the very BEST part of dinner was the arrival of HER LUGGAGE and Mark's guitar!


Tomorrow we are taking a day to visit the sites around Sighisoara -- we're excited for that!


Please pray --

1. Praise that Randi's luggage and Mark's guitar arrived.

2. For Sam and his ability to travel to meet us (we are hoping to see him this weekend)

3. A relaxed day of sightseeing tomorrow (yay - we get to sleep in!)

4. Mirela (Sabin's wife) health concerns

5. Brother Rohan (the missionary in Archita) health concerns

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