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Hello loved ones! So, today was our last full day :(. We drove up to the church plant in Gogosu (a village south of Drobeta Turnu Severin) a little before noon. We took to the streets and handed out invitations to church, and then after lunch at the church, we put on our final VBS. We had well over 60 kids in attendance, it was remarkable! Again, we sang songs with them, told them a bible story and how Jesus loved them, made witness bracelets, played the straw game, fed them, and then handed out candy They were truly loved on and told of the great love that Christ has for them. It was a successful afternoon!


Around 5pm, we had a church service there. Roger, Casi, and Jen gave their testimonies, Emily, Casi, and I (Mark) sang a few worship songs, and then I got to preach again. It was a beautiful service as another 6 people came up to give or rededicate their life to Christ!


We then went back to Drobeta Turnu Severin to have dinner with Pastor Aliyn at one of the restuarants, and now we are all back at the hotel settling down for bed. We will be leaving here around 10am and hope to arrive at Bucharest around 7pm. Our flight leaves Friday morning and we willl be arriving back in the states Friday afternoon.


Prayer Requests

1. Pray that we would have a safe drive to Bucharest.

2. Pray that God would help us proces everything he has shown us this past two weeks.


Thank you for all of your prayers. This trip would not have been possible without them! We love you all!


(Below our some pictures from yesterday and today) I did not have time to put captions on them, but I plan on going back and doing it later.



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