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Today was awesome! We fed well over 150 kids, told them about how much Jesus loves them, made gospel-bead-bracelets with them, played games with them, and even handed out close to 100 of the witnessing dolls that the ladies with the WMU from First Baptist Richardson had made for us! It was truly a fantastic day!!!

So here is how it all went down. After breakfast, we headed to the grocery store to pick up supplies and then drove out Archita, the village that half us went for church yesterday. As we got there, more and more kids kept showing up! After some of the team went to round up more, we had at least 120 kids packed into the church! God had truly drawn his children in Archita there! We handed out little Texas stickers (who doesn't like stickers!?). I then got to tell them about the bible and about how much Jesus loved them (we specifically told them the story of Jesus healing Jairus' daughter and the sick woman who touched his garments). We then went outside and began the gospel-bead-bracelet craft. And yes, we got all 120+ kids to make the bracelets! (We definitely had some help from above!) We then went inside and fed all of the children and then we handed out the witnessing dolls and explained what they stood for. The children LOVED them!!! (Check out all of the pictures below).

We then drove back to Sighisoara, grabbed a quick bite to eat, went back to the grocery store for supplies, and then drove out to another church plant in the village of Danis. We then repeated just about everything except we added a game. This building had enough room to play the Straw Game! Basically, the straw game involves shooting q-tips through straws...let's just say the kids had a blast with this! There were about 40 kids at this location, and all of them heard about Jesus, were fed, made bracelets, and were loved on by our team!

We then went back to the hotel where the owners had prepared a wonderful meal for us. We also played a fun card game that the Latvians had shown Casi and Jennifer (it was called Legretto). We are all now settling down for the evening. It was truly a wonderful day! And tomorrow, we will get to go out and do this all again to two other church plants!

Oh ya, here are a few updates:
1. The first is sort of bad news as it seems Sam may not be able to join us until this next Sunday if we are lucky.
2. They have located our missing luggage, and it should arrive tomorrow.

Prayer Requests:
1. Keep praying for Sam, of course.
2. Pray that the luggage would actually show up soon.
3. Pray for deep rest for our team.
4. Pray for us tomorrow as we go out to the other two villages.
5. Pray that God would continue to grow our team together in love and community.

Thanks guys!

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