Preschool and Children: Check-in & Safety


To protect the safety of our children, all preschool and kindergarten children are checked in and out with a computerized safety card system for all activities.


At check-in, we issue three tags for each child – the first tag is attached to the child, the second is placed on the sticker garage for our records and the other is given to the parent, who must present and return it at check-out.


We ask that parents bring all 1st through 6th graders to their classrooms for check-in with teachers. After class, 1st and 2nd graders are picked up and signed out by their parents, while older children are allowed to leave and meet their parents under the supervision of our Safety Ministry team.








Young Preschool (0-2)
Building G/Sanctuary Foyer




Older Preschool and Kindergarten (3-5)

Building F, First Floor





Grades 1-6
Building F, Second Floor



In all areas, we offer assisted check-in for those who are visiting for the first time or need assistance, and self-check-in for returning children and parents.



  • Computerized check-in system
  • Background checks for all staff and volunteers
  • Allergy tags and allergy alert system
  • CPR and first aid certified staff
  • Strict cleanliness and sterilization policies
  • Emergency preparedness training for volunteers

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