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Message from Pastor Ellis



I want to thank you for your interest in First Baptist Richardson (FBCR).  Everyone at FBCR is on a SPIRITUAL JOURNEY.  Not everyone is at the same place on the journey. Some are just getting their feet wet. They’re not even sure if they want to take the journey at all. That’s okay. We understand. It’s not always an easy journey. Others have already made the decision to go on the journey and are just getting started. Others still are well on their way. One thing is for sure – none of us have completed the journey.  So, wherever you are in your own spiritual journey – just thinking about it, just getting started or well on your way – it doesn’t matter … there is a place for you at FBCR.


Our hope is that you find in FBCR a family that will encourage you on your journey. Our hope is that you discover all that God created you to be. Our hope is that on the journey you CONNECT with other Christians, LEARN more about being a Christian, WORSHIP God with all your heart and SERVE others in order to make a difference in this world.



Ellis Orozco

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