Piano Tuners Program


Piano Tuners is a program for Young Musicians (grades 4-6) who play the piano or other instrument. The purpose of Piano Tuners is to encourage young instrumentalists to learn hymn arrangements of their choice, and continue to grow as a musician, glorifying God with their talent.


At the end of the year, the children who complete the requirements for Piano Tuners will be recognized with a certificate. 



1. Play four selections of simplified arrangements of any four (4) hymns from any source.


2.  No more than two (2) hymns may be selected from Christmas hymns.


3.  One of the four hymns must be played by memory.


4.  Students will get credit for each hymn once it has been played for and passed off by a choir teacher. On occasion, one may be asked to spend a little more time on a hymn, and to come back and try again another week.




Vicki Schmidt | Worship Pastor for Children