Student Choir Tour


The Choir Tour is the Student Choir’s exciting and fun-filled annual mission trip. Students travel across the U.S. and the World to perform concerts, volunteer in various communities and participate in various ministry activities as part of the tour. Spending time with friends, serving the community and seeing sites around the world means this trip is always a highlight of our summer.



Date: June 21-27, 2014

Reminder: All luggage and instruments will be loaded on the truck after rehearsal on Wednesday. We will NOT be checking luggage at the airport!


We leave Saturday, June 21st out of DFW International Airport. Please be at the airport by 5:45pm! Keep in mind that you will not be able to take water, coke, etc...bottles through security.


Remaining Rehearsals

Sunday, June 8th, 5pm

Sunday, June 15th, 4pm

Monday, June 16th, 7pm until...

Tuesday, June 17th, 7pm until...

Wednesday, June 18th, 7pm until...


Parent/Student Meeting (Tour & Camp)

Sunday, June 15th at 6:30pm in the Fellowship Hall

This is when you will find out how much your students scholarship if for and the balance due for camp and choir/orchestra tour. All forms and payments are due at this time.





  • 2013 Rocky Top Tennessee
  • 2012 South Carolina
  • 2011 Guatemala
  • 2010 Colorado
  • 2009 Chicago Tour
  • 2008 Balti-Anna-Delphia Tour
  • 2007 Alaska Tour