Family Covenant Plan


As parents, we are presented with a tremendous opportunity. Each child is a gift from God, and He has a plan for each child He has created. Part of that plan includes you as parents. Our church desires to partner with you in your new adventure. FBCR has created a spiritual development plan that is available to help you, your marriage and your children. We are calling this plan the Family Covenant Plan.


A covenant is a promise or agreement; a contract. The Family Covenant Plan represents a covenant between the church and the family as well as a rededication of the marriage covenant in light of the parenting responsibility.

“Has not the LORD made them one? In flesh and spirit they are his. And why one? Because he was seeking godly offspring. So guard yourself in your spirit, and do not break faith with the wife of your youth.”

Malachi 2:15

There are two steps in this plan. They are the First Steps Fellowship and the Family Covenant Service.


This process begins with a one-time meeting called the First Steps Fellowship. First Steps Fellowship is a special time of fellowship and learning for parents. The purpose of First Steps is to instill a solid Biblical foundation for those parents who desire to commit themselves to Christian parenting. Pastor Ellis will provide the Biblical teaching at First Steps. He will discuss your role as the primary faith influencers as well as provide training to protect and nurture your marriage. This will be a unique opportunity for young families to spend quality time with their pastor.


Whether you are expecting your first child, or you feel like your family is almost complete, this fellowship can be a tremendous resource for you. We ask that parents attend the First Steps Fellowship before participating in the Family Covenant Service. This service is held on the second Sunday of each month at either 9:15 or 10:50 Worship Service. 


What to Expect:

Step 1- Register for First Steps at the top right column on this page.




Step 2: Attend your scheduled First Steps Fellowship


Step 3: After you have attended First Steps, you can schedule your Family Covenant Service

Available dates: the second Sunday of every month. Please have the following information ready as well. 

-9:15 or 10:50 Service

·Child’s Full Name

·Meaning Of Name

·Date of Birth

·Parent’s Names

·Siblings Names

·Life Verse

Email to Elisa at



Step 4: Choose family members/ABF members/close friends you wish to participate in this service with you.

Your family will stand at the front of the church during the Worship Service. Pastor Ellis and Elisa will stand at the front with you and introduce your family. Pastor Ellis will encourage the special people you have chosen to surround your family and pray over you as part of this important covenant you are making to your family and to also represent the covenant between with the church.

We look forward to this partnership. We pray that this will only be the beginning of a journey your family takes in the life of FBCR. 




Amanda Pritchard | Preschool & Children's Specialist

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