Transitional Kindergarten



Transitional Kindergarten (T-K), sometimes called Primer, Developmental Kindergarten, or Kindergarten Prep, is no longer considered Preschool.  It is a developmental year for your child to receive a foundation of a positive attitude, self-esteem, a sense of achievement and a love of learning! It is a chance for them to develop emotionally, physically and academically in a nurturing Christian atmosphere.

The main difference between Transitional Kindergarten and Kindergarten is that it offers the extra gift of time for children to mature and develop necessary readiness for the challenges of Kindergarten, or in some cases First Grade, in a much more intimate school setting.


Pre- K

Center Based Pre-K TEA Domains

Computers 1x/week Library 2x/month Music/Motion/Spanish

Student/Teacher Ratio is 14/2  



Exposure to TEA-TEKS

Computers 3x/week Library 4x/month Music/Motion/Spanish 3x/week

Smaller Student/Teacher Ratio allows greater focus on individual needs and learning styles Student/Teacher Ratio: 14/2 



Mastery of TEKS


Library 1x/week

Music 1X/Spanish-none

LargerStudent/Teacher ratio can limit focus on on individual needs and learning styles   

How can you decide if T-K is the right fit for your child?

- Conference with  your child’s current teacher

- List strengths and weaknesses: attentiveness, maturity, fine motor skills, interested in learning? or still wants to play all the time? verbal skills, transitioning from one activity to another, social skills, independence, etc

- What is your child’s learning style?  Very hands on, one-to-one or small group

- Conference with the Director, Mrs. Budde and possible assessment with Mrs. Summer, the Transitional Kindergarten Lead teacher, if you have more questions about the T-K program


There is really no downside to giving your child an extra year to develop and enter Kindergarten fully confident and prepared!





Teri Budde | Director

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Charlotte Leslie | Assistant Director

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