The Four Steps to Check-In


To protect the safety of our children, we have four step process for checking in and picking up children.  

1. Check your child in at the indicated locations on the map below.  There are two in Building F (Chidlren's Building), one in the foyer, and one in the younger preschool area.  



2. Place the adhesive-backed name-tag displaying your child's name on their clothing after it prints from the check-in printer.


3. Place the "receipt" on your clothing as identification when you pick-up your child.


4. Pick-up your child from their classroom.  NO access to the Children's or Preschool area is allowed without this receipt. 


Frequently Asked Questions


Does this new procedure apply to all children, birth through 6th grade?  YES


Can a designated adult besides a parent pick-up a child if they have the security tag matching the child's nametag?  YES


Do you have to have a different scan card for each child?  NO


Does this system account for all Sunday morning activities, choir, and scheduled events during the week?  YES







All Ages
Building F, First Floor






Building F, First Floor





All Ages
Building G/Sanctuary Foyer


We offer assisted check-in for those who are visiting for the first time or need assistance, and self-check-in for returning children and parents.



  • Background checks for all staff and volunteers
  • Allergy tags and allergy alert system
  • CPR and first aid certified staff
  • Strict cleanliness and sterilization policies
  • Emergency preparedness training for volunteers
  • Dedicated Safety Ministry team
  • Computerized check-in system