Reaching our community, nation and world

Valley Mission Trip


Our members are committed to consistently increasing the investment of spiritual, financial and human resources through a comprehensive mission strategy that reaches the most people in the shortest amount of time. Our strong tradition of mission work is a testimony to FBCR’s commitment to the spread of God’s Word all over the world.



Our members are encouraged to get involved in one of our active mission programs and find their own personal calling to mission work. 

Want to learn how to be a better disciple?

Disciple-making training is an opportunity to learn a biblical model of making disciples. In the six weeks we meet we will look at scripture to help us see Jesus' strategy for finding people who are ready to learn about following him. We will also learn how to engage these seekers in a Bible discovery group. We will learn by doing and each week we have "homework" in order to put into practice what we are learning. Come join with others as we learn how to be disciples who make disciples.

Class led by Stan and Kay Parks and Bobby Davis on Sundays, 4-6:15 in C252

Class begins Sunday, February 15th, and ends on Sunday, March 29th. Free childcare provided. For questions or to sign up contact Stan or Kay at or 214-298-4064.



Want to help support FBCR’s mission work? Giving is a great alternative for passionate people who want to get involved, but can’t make a trip. The financial contributions of our generous members make it possible for FBCR members to continue spreading God’s Word across the world.