Local Missions


Serving together in local missions is at the core of what we’re about.  Our Saturday mornings together are the most fun you’ll have all week.  Seriously.  And yes, you can also use the hours from our local events to meet community service requirements you may have for school or other groups.


We’re currently committed to two local mission opportunities.  Both involve Saturday morning commitments once or twice a month.  Bring your friends.  They’ll beg you to bring them back.  And, experience in serving people locally helps prepare and equip you to potentially expand your world of service through short-term or extended mission trips.



One Saturday each month, you can cook and serve brunch at the Cornerstone Baptist kitchen in Dallas.  Help us minister to homeless people, building relationships with them and sharing Jesus.






Every Saturday morning, we minister to children at an event at a North Dallas apartment complex.  We use games, music, theater, Bible stories, music and fellowship to share Jesus with children… and, through them, with their parents.