A Plan for the Future



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We have voted to continue moving forward with the master site plan concept proposed by the Master Site Task Force for the additions to and renovations of FBCR facilities and property. Out of the 767 ballots received, 88% were in support of the proposed plan.  Now we will begin fine-tuning details and host more town hall meetings to make sure you are informed and included throughout the campaign. 


Progress & Updates



January 11, 2015

The Building Committee presented their recommendations for proceeding with the building campaign, which includes the creation of three sub-parts to Phase 1: Phase1a, Phase1b, and Phase1c. The church will vote on January 25th for two Phase 1 building-related items, so please make plans to attend at 6:45pm in the Worship Center.


August 28, 2014 

In the months since our initial vote in January, three committees have been working diligently to take the steps necessary to move forward.


The Finance Subcommittee:

Tasked with evaluating our options for financing that portion of the cost of expansion that won't be covered by member pledges. They are currently populating spreadsheets, preparing cash flow models and studying financing options to ultimately recommend how much the church can and should borrow, taking into consideration the impact of borrowing on our annual Ministries Fund Budget. 

Committee Chair: Burt Weathersbee

Members: Jeff Billinger, Jeff Blair, Ray Smith, Alvin Wade & Terry Wade.


The United We Build Fundraising Committee:

Tasked with continuing the effort to encourage pledging and giving over the course of the 3-year campaign. The initial pledge drive has produced pledges of more than 5.8 million dollars to date, with more than 1.1 million dollars already received. We anticipate that pledge number to grow in the coming months, and the UWB Committee will give a fuller report at the September 28th Business Meeting.

Committee Chair: Jeff Billinger

Members: David Dillard, Austin Robidou, Ann Hampton, Rebekah McDermott, Clara Inglish.


Building Committee:

Tasked with overseeing the construction process on behalf of the church and making decisions that do not require a vote by the church, deacons, or any other group. There is a great cross-section of skills represented on this committee: several have been members since the construction of this campus; some on the committee know construction, including a couple of architects.


The Building Committee's first big decision has been the retention of the construction manager who will oversee the project, or at least Phase 1 of it, from pre-construction to turnover of the keys. A number of candidates were considered for the job, narrowing the list down to Andres Construction, Hill & Wilkinson, Lee Lewis, and Julian Barry. The committee interviewed and received materials from all four and ultimately selected Hill & Wilkinson General Contractors.

Committee Chair: Ray Guy

Members: Kathy Chittum, Kirby Chadwell, Richard Day, Ann Hampton, Barry Hand, John Seider.


Hill & Wilkinson have several noteworthy projects, including the multi-million-dollar additions to the Lover's Lane Methodist Church and many other major church expansions and reconstructions in this area. They are also headquartered right here in Richardson and are excited to show their exemplary work on a signature project in their home city. Their representative have already toured our campus, met with our staff and had their preliminary meeting with the city. We await their quotes from potential subcontractors that will give a better idea of the cost of Phase 1.





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Town Hall Discussions



Town Hall Meetings provide information about the Capital Campaign and construction preparation. If you have not been able to attend a town hall meeting, please click on the past notes listed below. If you have any questions or comments, email feedback@fbcr.org



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