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News & Updates



January 2016

The slab for the foyer expansion was poured on Friday, January 30th. Click here to see the most up to date photos of construction. 

We would like to say thank you to those faithfully giving to our Building Program. As you can see, the construciton is well underway. For the latest pledge updates you can visit the financial information page.


December 2015

At the Business Meeting on December 13th,our church members voted “yes” in favor of the United We Build Building Committee’s request to authorize borrowing up to an additional One Million Dollars. This brings the total amount of authorized borrowing to Three Million Dollars for Phase 1A of our construction project.


These additional monies are needed because of safety and code concerns uncovered during the construction phase. The additional construction authorized includes updates to the Worship Center ceiling lighting, and the electrical work and dimmer controls needed for that lighting. Our current system is out of code, and if left as is, could be considered a fire hazard. Ray Guy, Chairman of the building committee, said that “Although the resolution of these safety and code concerns drove the proposal, the good news is that the worship center lighting will be vastly improved.”


The new lighting system will reduce the number of ceiling lights from over three hundred to a little over one hundred, giving our worship center a much cleaner look. The new lighting will substantially improve replacement and maintenance costs. The new system will also be much more energy efficient, saving us money each month on utilities.


September 2015

On June 28th, our church voted 90% in favor of approving the Building Committee's recommendation to borrow up to 2 million dollars for additional costs associated with Phase 1a. Their approved cost analysis is available here.

Ray Guy, our Building Committee Chair, presented the following construction notes to the church:


  • Site Plan has been approved by the City of Richardson's Zoning Board of Adjustment.
  • Construction drawings are being finalized, and we expect construction permits to be issued soon.
  • Our dates have shifted to September due to extended delivery times for structural steel.
  • This transitional time in our alternative worship venues will be a total of six months.
  • Construction completion will be around June 2016 for a total construction time of nine months.


You’ll recall from a business meeting last January that you approved going forward with this first phase of construction, at a cost of $6.5 million. That approval covered the foyer and a number of other expenses, including the City’s requirement of fire suppression in the Worship Center and the Music Rehearsal Room; the architect’s fees; and site work, among other things. And, that $6.5 million is in line with the projected receipts under the United We Build campaign, so we’d build the new foyer on a pay-as-you-go basis.


You also approved, by separate vote, upgrades and renovations to the Worship Center, and borrowing up to $900,000 to finance it. Those renovations will include new seating, flooring and much improved sound (equipment and acoustical treatment.) The final bids for the renovations came in significantly less than the $900,000 you approved.


Later this spring we reported to you that there was considerable sentiment within the membership for a larger foyer than the 32-foot expansion that we had proposed. Many of our fellow members had toured other church facilities with expansive lobbies and came back wondering if we were building ours large enough. We investigated, measured, agreed, and asked our architect and construction manager for new plans adding this 10-foot expansion. We also heard that people liked the coffee bars that they had seen, and the new design includes one in our expanded lobby. This additional cost of $275,000 will significantly increase the utility of the foyer.


We have spent a great deal of time tabulating costs associated with our temporary relocations, and some improvements will be made to preserve and enhance the worship experience during these six months out of the Worship Center. While we want to provide such an enhanced experience for our members and guests, we have also attempted to be great stewards by only planning on expenditures that will benefit our campus for the long term (ten plus years).


Please know that the committee has considered many other aspects of renovation during the past few weeks, and have chosen to not move forward on some of the ideas that we’ve analyzed. Many great ideas have been generated and in evaluating them we’ve tried to make the best possible cost/benefit decisions.


I believe you will be delighted with our facility when it’s completed. We continue to pray that all decisions will be made in line with our church’s primary purpose which is to glorify God in all we endeavor while undertaking to make disciples for Christ.