Pastor Search

Finding the Next Lead Pastor

The Pastor Search Committee of First Baptist Church Richardson was approved by the church on May 21, 2023. Since that time, the committee has been meeting and working through the process and procedures recommended by the Texas Baptists. With the help of the Holy Spirit, the desire of the committee is to find the next Senior Pastor for FBCR that will meet the current needs and desires of our church. We believe that God has already chosen that person and we are simply discerning His will.

Latest update from the
pastor search committee

Our committee has been working hard to create the church, community and pastor profiles. These will help us as we start evaluating pastoral candidates. It will also be of assistance to the prospects so that they can get a picture of our church and community. We wanted to share the pastor profile with our church family.

The Process

It is our desire to keep the church informed on where the search committee is in the process of finding the next Pastor for FBCR. The orange arrow represents where the team is at in the process.

Getting Ready

Preparation & Process

Survey & Listening Session Results

Create Church, Community, & Pastor Profiles

Pastor Profile

Identify & Evaluate Pastoral Prospects

Interview Best Prospects, Discern God's Call and Decision

Recommend a New Pastor

Pastor Approval, Welcome & Transition

Search Committee

Kathy Porter-Chair

Kathy Porter

Randy Johnson-Vice Chair

Randy Johnson

Vice Chair

Dana Ball


Bob Boese

Jim Bond

Jim Bond

Grace Osteen

Grace Osteen

Vicki Schmidt

Vicki Schmidt

Joanna Spiars

Joanna Spiars


Alvin Wade

Steve Wyrick

Steve Wyrick

Submit Resume

If you'd like to submit your resume, please email it to or mail it to:

Attn: Pastor Search Committee
1001 N. Central Expy
Richardson, TX 75080