FBRichardson Community Trailer

What is the Community Trailer?

The Community Trailer is a tool for you and your family or friends to use to create a space for fun, fellowship, and food. Everyone loves a good party. A time when you can laugh and talk. A place where you can play games or relax with friends.


So why? Our culture in the United States is not one that really encourages community. We are all so busy with our lives that we do not take the time to see the people around us. Sometimes we are so busy we don’t take the time to see our own family. We want to encourage you to slow down, look around you, see the people that God has placed in your community. Ask yourself why has God placed me here in this place with these people?


Now, invite them to a place that you can get to know them. A space that is fun, comfortable, and relaxing. Talk about life, family, fun things that you enjoy, that they enjoy. Most of all laugh and enjoy the company.


The Community Trailer provides everything you need for a neighborhood party. Chairs, tables, coolers, life size games and more are all included with your reservation.


The most successful way to host a community gathering is to host it around an event. Pick a theme for the event and promote and decorate according to that theme. Below are some ideas.


Community Gathering ideas:

  1. Community Chili Cookoff – Start an annual Chili cookoff Event
  2. Welcoming New Neighbors gathering – Live in a developing neighborhood? Once a quarter invite all the new neighbors to a gathering.
  3. Spring has Sprung party – Gather your community to celebrate the coming of Spring.
  4. Love sporting events or movies. Host a watch party outside. We can help you rent a large screen to watch on.
  5. Community Pool? Does your community have a pool that they will allow you to host a community party at? Do so and bring along the trailer to add an additional element to the fun.
  6. Holiday party – Pick a holiday. Fourth of July, Memorial Day, Halloween, Heck we live in Texas Christmas or New Years. Host a party in your community celebrating that Holiday.
  7. Like to play board games? Our trailer has six, 6ft tables and four 4ft ones with chairs for all. Have everyone bring a board game and play games in the cool of the evening.


Remember to come to the Mission Cafe and tell us about the conversations you’re starting so that we can use your experience to encourage others.