why we give and serve

Our church has a vision and a heart for missions and service. We are reminded that our goal as disciples is for…

Each of us to actively participate in sharing the Gospel of Jesus with our world through spiritually gifted personal service and financial stewardship.

Together, we volunteer our time and our spiritual love in our community. We also partner with individuals on mission and trusted organizations who are engaged in Gospel work internationally as well as here in the US and Texas.


great commission fund support for this year

Love and obedience are essential to our spiritual transformation as disciples. From the beginning, God’s command to us has been to walk in love and be obedient and Jesus Christ is the best example of this two-fold command.

In 2021, the theme of our mission reflects our intent to walk in love and obedience by serving our community and the world beyond in ways that result in the making of disciples.  Please join us as we Pray, Go and Give.


PRAY | That we will live in obedience to God’s command from the very beginning that we are to love one another and therefore, go and make disciples.


GO | Help us to grow in our obedience based on the model of Jesus Christ and pattern our own lives in service and ministry as children, students, and adults who live on mission.


GIVE | Let us be generous, even to the point of sacrifice, in our giving to the Great Commission Fund that financially supports the opportunities God is laying before us in our community and in Europe, Asia, and Central and Eastern Africa.


ways you can give

Please join us with your financial support. You can give online using the button below.


Online contributions can be made by electronic check or major credit card.  As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, your contribution to our church is tax deductible.


MISSIONS Ministry Staff