Ideas to Use the Community Trailer

Idea #1

The weather is warming up and it’s a great day to gather the neighbors around a grill, cooler and some yard games! Reserve the trailer two weeks in advance and have your tables, coolers, yard games, chairs, and so much more to have a pop-up block party/BBQ with your neighbors. This is a great way to meet new neighbors and deepen relationships with those who have been there for decades. It’s also a great way to show you care for your neighborhood and want everyone to feel included and loved. It’s also a wonderful way to bring Jesus’ love to the neighbors who may need some extra encouragement after this season of challenges. Reserve the trailer today!

Idea #2

An Easter egg hunt or Halloween Trick-or-Treating are wonderful ways to bring laughter and fun into your neighborhood! Reserve the trailer for these and other holidays and be fully prepared with tables, chairs, games and coolers to host your neighbors. They may stop by to chat or you can arrange for multiple egg hunts throughout the afternoon. The possibilities are endless and all this amazing set-up needs is YOU to bring it home for a quick trip! Reserve the trailer today and get creative with your next neighborhood event.