Deacon and Committee Nominations

Deacon and Committee Nomination Forms

Thank you for taking the time to nominate new leaders in our church. Church members may recommend as many names as they wish on as many forms as necessary.

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People Currently Serving as Deacons and Committee Members

*indicates that they are rotating off


Term Ending 2022*
James Arrington, Rhonda Bristow, Darvin Edwards, Chris Fowler, Ray Guy, Ann Hampton, Amanda Hill, Erik Hill, Sherry Hobbs, Terry Hobbs, Clara Inglish, Joanne Isaacson, Emily Jackson, Jeanne May, Mark Montgomery, David Niederkorn, Brett Ross, Candy Smith, Jim Street

Term Ending 2023
Dana Ball, Jim Bond, Melissa Cobb, Phil Daniel, Bill Davis, Ross Grant, Jim Hodges, Ann Jarrell, Sue Matherne, Katherine Montgomery, Deana Moreno, Austin Robidou, Brian Schmidt, Jon Schmidt, John Seider, Daniel Smith, George Teetes, Mike Thompson, Jim Trainor, Michael Youngkin

Term Ending 2024
Bill Bryant, Bill Cobb, Susan Davis, Jack Dodgen, Laura Dodgen, Craig Gibson, Gary Kennedy, Clint Prater, Ross Van Horn, Mike Waid, Ed Wales, Jim Walker, Burt Weathersbee


Finance Committee
Bill Davis*, Jack Dodgen, Craig Gibson, Greg Grass, Clara Inglish, Jan Mansfield, Steve Sherrell, Matt Wiggins, Steve Wyrick

Personnel Committee
Brett Blagowsky*, Robert Hudson*, Charles Pickitt*, Jim Bond, Melanie Coker, Terra Davis, Burt Weathersbee, Bill Webb, Pat Wiley

Governance Committee
Richard Day*, Emily Jackson*, Blake Lewis*, Matt Cason, Paul Cluiss, David Niederkorn, Tiffany Norris, Mike Sawyer, John Willis

Missions Committee
Carol Childress*, Shandra Blevins, Pamela Culbertson, Kathy Petre, Reuben Pratt, Carol Riley, Jim Trainor

Landes Scholarship Committee
Michele Baker*, Laura Bond*, Rhonda Bristow*, Leesa Gibson*, David Keeling*, Brianna Blagowsky, Pam Conner, Laura Dodgen, Becky Harless, Mike Waid

Deacon Selection Committee
Susan Davis*, Chris Fowler*, Jeanne May*, Katherine Montgomery*, Rod Wade*, Cindy Wright*, Linda Tom-Quinn

Church Council At Large Member
Amber Robidou*, Tim Spiars*, Rhonda Bristow, Ray Guy, Lorraine Crandall, Amanda Hill