Serving Richardson

Serving Richardson

Seeking to make a redemptive impact in the lives of the underprivileged, we ask you to join with us in being the face of Jesus and our church to our community.


This is a weekly innovative ministry established to mobilize the Church to go outside its walls to do a Beach Club in order to take the message of Christ into the heart of our Richardson Community.



Food for Families – On the second Saturday of each month, our Food for Families team picks ups food from Crossroads Community Services, sorts it on church campus, and receives families struggling with hunger needs as they pick up their personalized, nutritionally balanced, food. Normally, we provide 7 days of food for every month. If you would like more information please text FFF to 972-235-5296 or click here.



A creative way to recycle plastic bags and make sleep mats for our homeless neighbors while joining a great group of encouraging prayer warriors in blessing some of the least of these. Join these ladies throughout the week to continue the process or find out what you can do at home that will help them simplify their process and be of value to others. If you would like more information please text MMM to 972-235-5296 or click: REGISTER FOR MERRY MATMAKERS


This ESL program has been going strong for 50 years and provides an opportunity for immigrants in our area to learn and develop their English skills while hearing about Jesus in a morning session. This group meets each Wednesday starting at 9AM.



Backpack Bash — It’s time to bless our local students as they prepare to return to learning in just a few short weeks.  We help them do this in the safest way possible by developing partnerships with RISD, other faith-based and corporate partners and key companies in the educational circle including EPI and Chillus Promo Marketing to create a COVID safe backpack with supplies for each student.  Our goal is to bless 5000 students with backpacks and supplies in time for the start of school. We’re asking for you to partner with us in blessing these students. For a small donation you can help us outfit a child with a technology protective backpack filled with RISD approved school supplies, pre-packaged to prevent contamination and ready to be given to a student in need.  Text BACKPACK to 972-235-5296, click here to register. or find us on Facebook at FBCR MISSIONS to find the donation link or to track how many backpacks we are supplying.